How to Win the Health Care Game
Jonathan Pierpont Warner, CEBS

"Educating our employees about changes in health care is easier because of this book.  It provides an historical background, offers real life examples and clearly explains why it is so important to learn the new definition of great health insurance coverage.  This is a must read for all age groups so that unexpected health care costs never become a financial burden.  Jon Warner is an expert who cares about the long term financial and medical health of people."

- Greg Kelly, President, Kelly Automotive Group

"I have great respect for Jon Warner, resulting from our many years of business collaboration.  As a health insurance expert and creative thinker, Jon understands risk and corresponding costs.  In his comprehensive style, he details the current state of health care with creative insights on insurance plan options.  I hope you enjoy this book and find it as informative as I have."

- Pepper Krach, EVP, M.F. Irvine Companies

"It took time for our company to embrace the concepts promoted in this book. Once we transitioned, it is the simplicity of the coverage and the opportunity to compare the cost of health care services that has been most eye opening.  The answer to high quality, affordable and balanced health insurance is so very well explained in this book, along with ways to build retirement health care savings."

- David Weinstein, President, Sunburst Property Group

" Education about health insurance trends is a daily part of my profession.  What Jon Warner offers in this book is refreshing and easy to follow.  He truly has a gift for simplifying complex topics.  The concepts he describes are a pathway for excellent protection to help us all look at insurance in a new light, financially and philosophically.  I especially appreciated his people stories as they are realistic and personal  This book is a must read for my entire team."

- Vicki L.Doule, Senior Director, Capital Blue Cross

"I have successfully introduced the concepts in this book to many employers.  They reduce their costs while their employees maintain excellent health insurance coverage and spend less.  This book clearly explains how to design quality insurance coverage that is affordable in our changing world."

- Matt Hayes, Senior Account Executive, Sovereign Insurance Group

"How to Win the Health Care Game should be mandatory reading for everyone involved in designing health care plan options.  Jon Warner describes, with great clarity, changes occuring with the passage of the Affordable Care Act and includes vivid illustrations of health plan decision making by indviduals at different life and economic stages.  With the help of Jon's wisdom, an organization I led, introduced the ideas presented here and was able to control cost plus adopt wellness standards that accrued to the financial benefit of the corporation and most importantly to the overall well being of our employees and their families."

- F. Mark Gumz, Retired CEO, Olympus of the Americas