How to Win the Health Care Game
Jonathan Pierpont Warner, CEBS

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About Warner Benefits and Human Resource Administrators, Inc.

We are an employee benefits management, consulting and brokerage firm with three locations in Pennsylvania servicing employers of all sizes. Our staff includes Certified Employee Benefit Specialists, Chartered Financial Consultants, Account Managers and client service professionals with an insurance claims processing background.

Respected for our consumer driver health plan experience and level of service, we deliver technical competence to experience-rated employers and community rated employers.

Thankful for long term client relationships, we recommend and provide communication assistance and enrollment support, plus administer HRAs, HSAs, FSAs and COBRA.

Our spirited dedication to creative ideas, strategic solutions, responsiveness and value added services differentiate us in our field.

Our purpose is to provide valued advice to employers and individuals in procuring cost-efficient benefit programs, with sensitivity to anticipated future coverage needs and savings opportunities.

Our Values are built on planning and forward thinking, supported through continuous education. This is confirmed with attention to details offered in an empathetic, respectful and courteous manner.

Our Vision is to educate people about accepting reasonable risk for health coverage, which lowers premiuims and increases cost awareness and savings opportunities for future health care needs. Our business is rooted in assisting employees and their families to maximize cash flow efficiency in their pre-tax payment of qualified health care


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